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Environmental Design Charrette
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    In the Environmental Design Charrette "Living with Water," architects, developers, environmentalists, government officials and civic leaders joined forces to seek realistic new models for making urban development compatible with responsible management of water-related public assets. 
    The months-long study, sponsored by the San Antonio Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, culminated in an intensive two-day design session in late February, 1996. 
      Executive Summary
      "Recently, the San Antonio chapter of the American Institute of Architects sponsored a charrette called Living with Water (, which brought together architects, environmentalists, neighborhood groups, and developers in an effort to make better use of sites on or near the waterways that feed into the San Antonio River
      12/20/96: Metropolis Magazine
VIDEO Panel Discussion - taped during day one of charrette.(30 minutes) windows media
Water - A Bioregional History  - Text by Susan Rust,
Images compiled by Susan Rust and Bob Harris, web by Pleas McNeel
VIDEO Environmental Design Charrette Impressions - a 11 min streaming video about the feel of a charrette
 Participants were divided into five teams, each studying a specific site that represented a different set of issues: 
  • North: 
  • An undeveloped 1,700-acre site in a hilly area over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.
  • South:
  • An area rich in historic and recreational resources flanking the San Antonio River in the vicinity of Mission San Jose.
  • East:
  • A portion of Salado Creek as it winds through a largely residential area of the far East Side.
  • West:
  • A combination of neighborhood redevelopment with improvements to Apache Creek/Elmendorf Lake between South Zarzamora and Rosedale Park.
  • Central:
  • The vicinity of the San Antonio River between the downtown core and the San Antonio Museum of Art.
For insight into the Charrette process, visit: 
The charrette is an ongoing process. 
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