plant a tree

6 Things You Can Do
For Peace Today

1. Plant a tree of peace at your home, school, workplace or place of worship as a symbol of peace and hope for future generations.

2. Invite your family, friends, neighbors, classmates or co-workers to join the Nobel Peace Laureates in calling for a decade of peace for the children of the world by hosting a signing ceremony or peace party.

3. Think deeply about how your daily activities contribute to the making of justice, the building of community and the betterment of our culturally violent world. If you have a faith tradition, explore its teachings about peace. Picture peace. Imagine peace. Pray for peace.

4. Read a book, watch a video or sing a song about peace.

5. Make a new friend and renew your friendship with a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker you have fallen away from.

6. Share your hopes and ideas about peace for the children of the world with everyone you meet. Learn more about peace and peacemaking at your public library or by visiting the peaceCENTERís website.

These six ideas are available on fliers that you can hand out everywhere. They are formatted as Adobe .pdf files, which require the free Adobe acrobat reader to read and print. You can get the reader here.

Two styles of flier are available. The Angel flier is suitable for children and other whimsical people while the shovel flier is intended for adults and other staid creatures.

Download: Angel Flier | Shovel Flier

The fliers are intended to be handed out with a copy of the letter from the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates calling for a Decade for the Culture of Nonviolence for the Children of the World. You can view and print their appeal from here.

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