Peace is a great thing, it is inside our hearts. Peace is in every wave of the ocean, every petal on the flowers, every ray in the sun. Peace is the flow of beautiful feelings through God's people of the earth. Peace is what brings the earth together in harmony. Peace is friendship, love, joy, and faith. Peace is the biggest treasure in the world.

Sometimes peace is interrupted by arguments, which can create war. War is the opposite of peace. War is an awful thing. We do not want wars in our lives, so we try to have peace.

You cannot see peace with your eyes, but with your heart.

Only peaceful, truthful people can see peace.

Here are some ways to make peace: make a new friend, fill your heart and home with love and joy, let a friend know you care, help out when someone is in need.

Remember, peace begins with you.

Brittany Losey